Hair implant in Argentina - Hair Surgery - Hair Treatment - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Follicular MicroTransplant - Hair implant

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Hair implant in Argentina - Hair Surgery - Hair Treatment - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Follicular MicroTransplant - Hair implant


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Frequently Asked Questions



What is ‘hair micro transplant’? 


It is a procedure in which follicular units are extracted from the rear and side areas of the scalp –genetically apt for this- and are then transplanted to the recipient area. The transplanted hair grows with the exact same shape and characteristics of the original hair. 



Who can benefit from this technique?

This procedure is performed in men and women of all ages. People who present alopecia because of healing scars or scalp burns can also profit from this technique.


Does the patient need to be admitted to a hospital for the procedure to take place?

No, all the same we have recovery rooms with beds in which the patient can rest comfortably. The hair transplant is a painless procedure that lasts approximately three or four hours and it is performed using only local anaesthesia. We have an anaesthesiologist doctor present throughout the entire procedure, who controls the patient permanently and supplies him with antibiotics and analgesics. During the surgery, the patient can read or watch a movie. After the session, he goes home and forty-eight hours later he can already go back to work.



Can the transplanted hair be cut, dyed or let grow?

Yes, because it is one’s own hair, only that it is growing in a different area of the head. It does not require any additional maintenance and there is no possibility of rejection, since it is obtained from the patient himself, and one can not reject something that comes from the same body.



How long does the procedure take?

Only 3 or 4 hours.



Is the procedure painful?


Not at all. It is a completely painless procedure and while it is taking place the patient can read or match a movie. An anaesthesiologist doctor is present throughout the entire procedure just in case.



When can the new hair be washed?


Twenty-four hours after the procedure hair can be washed and the patient can go back to work.



Is there any need of maintenance after the procedure?


No, there is no need of maintenance after the procedure; it only takes a few hours and it is over with. The transplanted hair will require no special care at all, just like the hair on the back of the head. However, nowadays there are supplements available that help improve the results of the transplant.



Are results definitive?


The results are definitive. The new hairs will have the same lifespan of the hair on the back of the head from where they were extracted.



Are results immediate?

No, we just insert the roots; hair actually starts showing as from the third month on, and it grows normally, at a rate of 1.1 cm per month.



When can the patient start to exercise again?


The patient can do aerobics 48 hours after the procedure. He can go to the gym and play sports 20 days after that.



Why choose us?


·         Because our medical director, Dr Palmarino has wide experience in medicine and hair microimplants.

·         He became specialized in Europe.

·         We use the micro transplant of follicular units technique –through harvesting and cold chain- which is an advanced, highly accepted and renowned surgical technique in the world medical community.

·         Performed with local anesthesia, it is painless and requires no admission to the hospital because discharge is immediate.

·         The patient can go back to work and to his everyday activities within the 24 hours without any contraindications.

·         Excellent aesthetic results that are natural and last forever. In each session, an average of 4500 to 5000 strands of hair are implanted.

·         Transplanted hair does not require follow-up treatments or maintenance, it grows normally and it never falls out again.

·         We offer quality in the service and personalized follow-ups.

·         Affordable costs, natural results and excellence in the medical attention.



Do not hesitate in contacting us. Feel young again! Baldness is no longer a problem and we are here to give you the definitive solution.






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